Hold lightly….

The plentiful interactions of meeting and greeting, fun and laughter, joyous feasting during December ended with a bout of scratchy throat and cough. Suffice to say, it meant that I needed medications. 
The throat was not even severely painful, only a tinge of sensitivity but as usual it very soon followed by a cough. Maybe as I had the flu jab, the symptoms were not serious, so I am very thankful. Nevertheless the low grade fever of 37.5 had to be controlled . I started with a 3-day course of Azitromycin, immediately the scratchy throat was fine but the coughing persist. Consulted doctor and he recommended 7-day of Augmentin. By the second day, the fever was under control and the cough subsided. In view of my weak immune system, I recovered within a week, that I think is quite remarkable. I thank GOD and prayers.
I believe the flu jab did help to minimize the symptoms. Antibiotics are still very necessary and important to control infection and prevent a mild infection become serious. The only question I will need to ask my doc is whether it would have been better to start of with Augmentin rather than Azitromycin. Azitromycin is my regular antibiotic whereas Augmentin is new to me. Apparently using an antibiotic type too often too soon (last used in October) maybe be less effective ? Will need to discuss this with doc.
Actually I have to admit I was trying to recover as fast as possible when I suspect a tinge of a scratchy throat ….WHY…………
We were booked to travel for 2 weeks! 
So it was a difficult decision we had to make – we cancelled the trip. Cancelled flights! Cancelled hotels! Cancelled guided tours! Cancelled pick ups! All the bookings were flexible so minimal penalty. Thankfully!
Once decided, we did not let it bother us. There is always another time to make the trip. Hold lightly… Don’t need to be flustered by something like this.  
We are OK! 
Bon voyage, another day….