High temperature

Wednesday night after being at the hospital, I started to get a headache. By the morning my head ache was worse and I had a temperature. At about 7am the temp was 38.9 and I was burning up and then i was sick.

Charito opened the window for me and fanning me to cool down. I knew I would have to ring the hospital and tell them, as anything over 38 Im supposed to call.

I didn’t want to call until 9am though. If I called earlier I would have had to go into A&E and then go through all of the problems I had last time and up in AMU where they are not used to dealing with cancer patients.

I managed to suffer till 9am and called my usual ward where, as I thought, they asked me to come

So I packed my things ready for a stay in hospital.

I arrived and they put me on one of beds where i could rest.