High-Risk-Relapsed Update – April 13 2013

Up this morning with my continued left-sided headache and neck ache, but it is more intense than it has been all week – probably because we are having snow, wind, and rain here in Mackay, Idaho now. 

I had to take 1/2 pain pill for the pain and have spent most of my time on the sofa watching the Tiger Woods controversy at the Masters Tournament – he probably wishes he could have the other half of my pain pill!

I emailed Clay Smith, MD, University of Colorado Hospital with my recent issues and he responded directly back. He is in agreement to hold the pomalidomide for now. I will be seeing Dr. Smith in Aurora, Colorado on 16 Apr 2013 to figure out what he referred to as “my complicated case”. 

The Myeloma Beacon had an interesting article about pomalidomide (pomalyst) and its performance with high-risk-relapsed myeloma like I have. Here is the link if anyone is interested:


I’m coming off the 40 mg of weekly dex today. I took 10 mg daily for 4 days. I hope today, Sunday and Monday go okay before I start again with 10 mg on Tuesday. I’m really fat from steroids (dex) and maybe a little more emotionally liable – but, not bad. However, my appetite is out-of-control – tying to eat just protein.

I’m still a tad short of breath with walking around the house today. I had cramps in my feet and left calf during the night. My resting pulse is about 82 and if I stand up, it instantly goes to 94, but my oxygen level is great at 96.

The floater deal in my right eye continues to float in to my visual field and sometimes shakes.

My 13-year old Christmas cactus is blooming this morning – well, at least one bloom is blooming. Thanks Jim and Irene!