Here we go again …

Today is the beginning of cycle two, so here we go again backwards and forwards to London and my Parallel Universe, for the next four days. It really is like having a full time job. At least this time round I know what to expect as I go forward a little wiser if not quite a bit thinner on top. I must admit I’m not sure I am a great fan of hair loss. Cancer seems to be about losing things, losing taste, hair, identity, role. Maybe I could re- frame that ( I can feel another topic coming on), from losing to changing. Cognitive reframing consists of changing the way people see things and trying to find alternative ways of viewing ideas, events, situations, or a variety of other concepts. I do so love change and I am more than happy to embrace new opportunities and beginnings, it is however, quite useful to know where you are going,in order to point your ship in the right direction. Visualisation is a bit like steering your ship towards your goals, the trouble with Cancer is that it seems as if someone or thing has taken over at the helm. No worries, the good news today is I am back on the old Dexy Mid-night Runners. This should supply fuel to my rocket as I blast off with my new business venture.

I am banking on my fellow villagers, friends , family and colleagues supporting my latest entrepreneurial escapade as I am hoping it will provide an opportunity for me to raise a little spare cash (to put towards my party) and raise some money for Myeloma Research. Village Secrets is going to be the next girls night out combining fun and laughter with top end designer labels all washed down nicely with a chilled glass of Prosecco, now what is there not to like about that? The postman is delivering daily parcels which is so exciting, and I am preparing the goods for a spectacular launch There is a slight hiccup though, I seem to have ordered most of my new designer fashion delights in my size and, as I open them up and feel the soft cashmere or blink in the sparkle of the crystal on the Jimmy Choo shoes I think to myself I could just keep that one. As mentioned in yesterday’s blog I think I had better practice visualising actually making money rather than spending it!

Oh yes, there is another slight little consideration, I am hoping to launch this exciting event at my sisters house and she is still busy rescuing donkeys in Africa blissfully unaware of my intentions! I am sure she will be up for it and to tell the truth I shall just be pleased for her safe return on Wednesday. Having spoken to her briefly on the phone and hearing of her escapades about rushing into burning buildings, sleeping on a plank of wood and cold showers with mouse droppings I am sure a good wash and make over will be a desirable relief.

A few random questions for you, honesty and feedback much appreciated.

1) How helpful was the information about visualisation?!

2) Would you like to know more about re-framing?

3) What do you think about my new business venture Village Secrets ?

As you start a new week just consider this:


Happy Monday