Here we go again

First of all I must apologise for all the emails, texts, cards and visits I have not responded to. I have been completely overwhelmed by fatigue and feelings of nausea. Both Colin and I have also been emotionally drained.

I know its OK not to feel positive all of the time and the reality of the situation would get even the strongest of people down but it is so unlike me. I am however allowing myself a few days off to rest and feel a little sorry for myself.

On Monday I heard that I have to go through the whole process again. That means another round of DT-PACE before going on to the stem cell transplant a couple of weeks after that.  My consultant said I had got off lightly after the first round which concerns me a little. I don’t consider having to stay in hospital for 8 days and have two blood transfusions and a transfusion of platelets as getting off lightly!

I think I am now experiencing the side effects of the radiation which continues to work for several weeks after the treatment has finished. I am hoping that is what is making me feel so poorly at the moment and it will soon pass.

Please don’t think of me as rude for not getting in touch or replying as quickly as I may have done in the past.  I am very grateful for all your good wishes, thoughts cards and gifts. Only yesterday I received this lovely thoughtful gift in the post from a new friend who herself has her own health problems to cope with.
It was lovely to catch up with my nephew who lives in LA last Sunday but a shame my lovely grandson couldn’t join us as he was unwell and I still have to be so careful not to pick any infections up. I haven’t seen Elliot for so long now but I really hope to catch up with him before going through the next round of treatment which starts next Wednesday.
Here is a picture of me and Sebastian together and of us all at Kate’s house for lunch.
I must admit I was feeling better then, than I have done for the past few days.

Mum is on holiday in Greece at the moment but we have had daily contact through the marvel of FaceTime although only for a few minutes at a time as I have just been too exhausted to even talk.

Oh well each day I am feeling a bit stronger. I have also entered so many competitions now that very soon I am sure I will receive that winning letter through the post.

I plan to rest up over the weekend but I am looking forward to a trip to Hobbycraft on Monday. I feel very honoured to have been asked to make a tiara for a good friends daughter. This will give me something to focus on whilst I am in the Cotton Rooms again and will be a joy to do. I made one for her mum on her wedding day so it is pretty exciting to be doing the same for her daughter.

So like I said I have allowed myself a few days off to rest and I am now keeping a fluid chart to ensure I get somewhere near the 3 litres a day I have been recommended to drink. Eating hasn’t been quite so easy though as I have been feeling so sick but I am hoping I may be able to manage something today.

If anyone local fancies doing my nails I would be grateful as I don’t think I have the energy to do them myself and it does make me feel so much better to have a little sparkle. Which reminds me I am still waiting for all my exciting jewellery to arrive from Amazon. I have so far received my daisy necklace and earrings but you never know what the postman will bring today. I am feeling better already just thinking about it.

So Thank You once again for all your support and kindness.

All my love

Deborah x



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