Here we go again…

Hey all! It’s Cassie. Long time no blog. My bad. But hey. HEY. Look what arrived in the mail today…

“I love my Fed Ex guy, because he’s a drug dealer and doesn’t even know it.” -Mitch Hedberg

Phil begins Revlimid today, again. Just to refresh you all, Revlimid is one of the chemo drugs that he took after his transplants. It’s an oral chemo that has minimal side effects (for chemo, anyway) and he gets to take it at home which means no trips to the infusion center. Yay for simplification!

I think the plan is to keep Phil on Rev indefinitely, and then at some point we will do another stem cell collection. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, and keep you all posted. In the mean time, life continues as usual, just with a little more pill-popping than usual. As the Revlimid starts doing its job we will keep our eyes peeled for any side effects so we don’t have a repeat of the stomach lava situation of 2009. Oy vey.

Thank you, everyone, for your warm thoughts and prayers. We’re disappointed that we have to think about myeloma again after such a brief interlude, but our spirits are good and we are going forward with hope that this will knock that m-spike back down to zero for a good long time. Ka-pow.

First dose, down the hatch.