Help in the Garden

The late spring has led to a confusion of colour in the herb garden.
Tulips, allium, euphorbia and the occasional stray narcissus are all in flower at the same time.

While elsewhere, the casualties of late snow are struggling to survive the sudden blast of sunshine on thin sandy soil.
The Boy has been helping me apply liquid First Aid.

 While over on the other side of the farmhouse there is a verdant woodland glade.

The harebells are in full bloom.
Those are my kitchen windows at the top of the picture.  Every evening I watch rabbits lolloping around the drying green as I do the washing-up.

See that pipe?
It has been relocated from the heap at the side of the garage by our dog, Hero.
Because he knows there are rabbits hiding inside!
Every time we go out there, the baby bunnies seek refuge in the first “burrow” they can find…

Hero runs from one end of the pipe to the other, pipe after pipe,waiting for the moment when the fluffy-bottomed ones try to make a getaway.

 “I know they’re in here somewhere!”

One night, he stayed out here for three hours on his own, waiting.
And waiting.
And waiting.
In the end, FL had to go out and march him down the hill to bed.
As far as we know, Hero’s career as a sniffer dog has led to no loss of life.
And it has given him a new lease of life!
Daft dog!