Hello Spring, Body Scans and Birthdays!

Hello 3.28.18

It’s a beautiful Spring day today, and I am thrilled to be alive. Not feeling terrific, but not feeling too bad either. If you recall from my previous updates, Myeloma’s on the upward move again, so last Dr appointment, we discussed raising the dose level of Dex steroids, Pomalyst, and possibly going back to more frequent Darzalex infusions. But if you know me, I put on the brakes, and opted to up doses one med at a time, so I am able to differentiate which side effects change or increase from which medication. 
Some might say I try to be too in control, or self “doctor”, but no, I just want to know, in as much as I can, what is happening to my body and why. I’m analytic and a knowledge seeker. Just my nature. So we opted to increase the Dex steroids from 20mg per week to 40mg per week. I took the 40mg this past Sunday for my son ‘s birthday celebration, as I try to plan my “roid rage” for fun times, or when I can “enjoy” the extreme up, and blast of temporary energy I get. I also plan for the yucky crash, and make sure to not plan anything for several days after taking Dex. 
I’m so grateful to be here to celebrate another birthday with my amazing son. Who knew, I would be such a “medical miracle” and still be here 8 years later. Yes my type of IgA myeloma is complex and “high risk” – “aggressive”, which requires constant, continual treatment, but lucky me, all the chemo and immunotherapy regimens I been on since diagnosis Dec 30, 2009, have been mostly tolerable, and Have Kept Me Alive.

I continue to be amazed and fascinated with all the variations of Myeloma, the variations of continual or intermittent chemo treatments, the wide variety of side effects, and the crazy life alterations all the myeloma warriors out there experience! Some are completely debilitated by myeloma. Some go years without treatments. Some are diagnosed, treated and go on with life for months, years without meds. Many like me, are on continual, constant myeloma killing meds. Some have extreme painful physical symptoms and side effects. Some blast through treatment after treatment, with little success. Some have extreme bone issues and bone pain. Some are diagnosed, treated, and sadly, their body fails them, and myeloma wins….  Myeloma is an awful cancer, yet so fascinating…

You haven’t won with me yet myeloma. You haven’t entirely stolen my life.
Look how lucky I am:

Happy 32nd Bday to my amazing son Scott!

Seriously, one lucky momma here :)) 
Alissa’s big 30th Bday is next! 
Whoohoo! I made it! 
So my NEXT BIG NEWS will be on my next post, as I had a Bone Density Scan yesterday, and will have my first Pet CT Scan next week. I’ve had annual Skeletal Scans, and previous Bone Density Scans, but never a Pet CT Scan. I’ve had an MRI, but I think that was prior to my Myeloma diagnosis. I didn’t realize the diet and fasting prep for the Pet Scan, and that they administer radioactive glucose. Hope my body doesn’t freak out from that. If you’ve had one, please let me know how it went for you, and what it feels like. 
I have my next Dr appointment and Darzalex infusion April 9, so that’s when I should know the results of all these tests, how the 40mg Dex is affecting myeloma’s surge, and if I’ll need to increase Pomalyst and or Darzalex too. Wouldn’t it be nice if the scans show “nothing”, and that my existing Lytic Lesions haven’t changed, and there are no new ones, or no new bone deterioration. Wouldn’t it be super cool if just Dex 40mg sent a message to myeloma, and my numbers plummeted. But who knows. I really don’t “worry”, I just wonder what my body is doing, why all this happened, and is happening, and what we’ll do about any “bad news”. It is what it is, and what myeloma does with me, I don’t have much control over. But, thankfully, my wonderful doctors and I do have control over the attack plan…  Can you even imagine being on cancer treatments for 8 years… so unreal! 
Hope all is full of Spring beauty and good things in your lives.
Live happy, live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, 

with someone or something as often as you can!