Hello again Neupogen shots… C’mon Immune system, Let’s Do This!

Seconds left on this 25th of June! Meant to post sooner as I sure don’t want to disappoint my “On The 5’s” fans, and my commitment to posting on the 5’s. I started this post days ago, but “fortunately” life got in the way and I never finished posting my details. Check back for my updates, revisions and additions.

Yay! My GI system “let” me go out to eat tonight.
Seriously, can you believe the number we got!
Oh no, now gotta “go”…
Dang you stupid compromised immune system and GI reactions :(
That event was short lived… and so are all my other eating adventures

My current stats and why I feel so yucky:

WBCs = 2.3 yikes! (4 – 11 normal range)
IgA= 1630 yikes!   (70 – 400 normal range)
M-Protein= 1.42 yikes! (zero = no cancer)
ANC = 1.0 yikes!  (1.8 – 7.7 normal range)

Me = Neutropenic = Neupogen shots this past weekend- not sure if it made much difference. I’d probably need a week’s worth to make a dent.

Good bye Rev 15mg for 2 wks on, 2 wks off. That experimental regimen was short lived.
Hello back to Rev 15mg alternating with 10mg, 3 wks on, 1 wk off
Looks like full on Rev 15mg just compromises my already compromised immune system too much. Such a chemo light-weight I am. And such a “catch 22”. I need the higher chemo doses to knock down myeloma, yet the higher doses knock down my immune system, not the cancer.

Ugh… awful GI side effects, thank you Rev and IgA myeloma
Ugh… killer fatigue- I never knew how exhausting being exhausted can be
Ugh… limited limited limited life… booooooo
Ugh… “cheating” on weekly Dex, vs having a life, vs yucky crash side effects of Dex, vs impact on cancer’s advance, vs just take it Julie, suffer, live in the bathroom and have no life?

June 19 appointment summary:
I really should add another chemo to the cocktail soon…. I know, I know….but scared, scared

Ugh, Side effects, vs life, vs work, vs fun, vs bucket list, vs homebound, vs what to do!!!

Myeloma, you’re such an invisible cancer… “but you look so good… your hair… wow!”… blah, blah, blah, thank you, but my appearance is so deceiving!
Myeloma, you stole my life. You steal my fun. You limit me. I don’t like limits. I don’t like you at all Myeloma. Just go away, far far away!

Some insightful, thought provoking conversations recently about other’s life choices… I will summarize soon…

And do you know what I was doing exactly 5 years ago this June… wow! So interesting perusing my past posts. Can’t believe I’ve been writing, sharing my thoughts like this for 5 years now!
Yep, my 5 year SCT anniversary is coming up July 5 !

Live happy, live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, with someone or something as often as you can!