Hello 2017 on the 7’s


Well hellllloooooo 2017! Happy New Year to everyone! We’ve all made it another year. Welcome to “posts on the 7’s for 2017”. Me, 7 years now tackling Myeloma. So surreal, right?! Hoping your year is filled with happiness, fun, success, dreams and goals coming true for you.

Me- onward I march in this crazy, unbelievable Myeloma battle. You’re probably tried hearing me rant, post after post, that this cancer journey is so unreal and I still cannot fully connect with it or accept what has happened to me, but it’s true, Myeloma is just “not me”. Being a sickie is just not me. As I enter year 7 of treatments, medications, side effects, chemo-type changes, upward dosage changes, body changes, life changes, side effects ad nauseum, I remain hopeful that my current regimen will be effective and give me additional months and years! Today I will go for blood tests, and find out my myeloma stats this coming week at my next Dr appointment, Thursday January 12.

 Wish me good luck! 

Will be interesting to see how weekly 40mg Dex steroids paired with 3 weeks of Pomalyst 3mg alternated with 4mg, pummels (or not), the myeloma cells. I am hopeful, yet scared at the same time. What if Pom 3mg/4mg doesn’t make a dent? What if myeloma is raging so strong, that I have to move upwards to 4mg? Then what if 4mg doesn’t make a dent? I know I’ve been “spoiled” by initial super treatment success! Revlimid 10mg, with 40mg Dex steroids 4 days on, 4 days off, brought my cancer level from almost 70% down to 10% in 5 months, prior to my Stem Cell Transplant, July 2010. Then my SCT was a total success, and I was termed “CR”- Complete Response! I maintained CR with 5mg Revlimid maintenance for a little less then 2 years. I had “a life” back then too! From 2011 to mid 2013 I was able to work a bit (while on Revlimid maintenance), engage in a few fun events on steroid days, and go a few places (when not terrified of volcanic GI issues!). Then myeloma came roaring back summer 2013, and back in treatment I went… and here I am 2017, going on my 7th year of myeloma, my 4th year back in treatment after coming out of CR-remission. Whew, what a journey, right?! If you want the whole story, just click on the various years to the right, and I have all my monthly stats and stories there for your reading pleasure.

Throwback to 2010!

Here I am, December 2010, trying to be “normal”, trying to take my life back, and return to work. I wound up getting sick from all the college cooties about every other month lol! This was my “poodle” style hair growing back, after I buzzed the last of my blondie locks, October 2010.

I’m happy to report that January 2017, so far… has been drama free, regarding all the dramatic illnesses I encountered in late November and most all of December 2016! So far no more cooties and sickness bugs have attacked me. But, I don’t have much of a life, don’t leave the house much, don’t expose myself to many humans, don’t go anywhere most of the time, etc. What a crazy life! But I would rather hibernate at home and be healthy, then go to “war” with all the sickness out there. The few humans I “allow” over, know to wash up the minute they come, put on shoe cootie booties, and be extra vigilant about cleanliness. OCD, yes… and proud of it, as I’ve NEVER had Pneumonia, or a terrible chest flu, etc… so there :))

Hoping 2017 is my lucky year!
Did I surprise you with my new “on the 7’s” post? I’ll be updating on the 7’s, but I’ll also post randomly in-between whenever I have “earth shattering news”, no matter the date. Thank you always, to infinity, for checking in, reading, commenting and caring as you do. Hoping 2017 is an awesome year for you and your family, your dreams and plans! 
Here’s several links with great articles and super helpful myeloma information. Great reads for the myeloma patient, caregivers, family, friends, and all you healthy people out there, who are mystified at what happened to me :))

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Well not really! 
My daughter gave this to me
as we looooove the Lion King movie!!
This was my NYE attire :))
Live happy,
live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, with someone or something
as often as you can!