We are in Heidelberg! It is truly a most picturesque old town, most charming to the cobbled-stone streets in the Altstadt (town centre). Staying just across the old bridge, we could easily walk to the old town, traipsed along the Hauptstrasse, their longest shopping street which is closed to traffic.


Yesterday we went to the Schloss (castle) Heidelberg. It is well preserved with its history documented on the audio commentary, without it, I wouldn’t know what the buildings are used for and the stories of its occupants – the wide steps for the horses and carriages, the architect who grieved over the death of his twin sons when they fell off the scaffoldings while playing – he was saddened till he dreamt of them and miraculously the next morning when he awoke he found a bunch of flowers on his bed!


In the evening, we walked about 500m across the old bridge to have dinner at Weisser Bock. It was a splendid meal. I have known  German food to be sausages, pork knuckle and sauer kraut but was pleasantly surprised that the restaurant served a very succulent chicken in white wine sauce placed and kept hot in a staub. The first night I had fish with white asparagus (in season) and it was perfectly done.
How wonderful it is to be able to enjoy such tasty meals. I am grateful. I am thankful. I cannot take for granted my appreciation to see, to taste.