Heavy Hearted

EZ and I are heavy-hearted after the passing of a fellow blogger from the UK, Sean Tiernan. Sean was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in the late Fall of 2009 and posted often, openly, and honestly about his battle with this cancer. He was in his early forties, fought hard, and was taken suddenly from pneumonia. He will be sorely missed. Though we never met face to face, we prayed for Sean and often spoke back and forth through comments on our blogs. Sean unfortunately had two failed transplants, but remained optimistic about new treatments he could try. He never gave up and would encourage others to do the same. He preferred to look on the bright side of life and had a wonderful sense of humor.

Our deepest sympathy to his wife, Charito, his children, his brothers, and his extended family. May they be comforted in knowing how many were encouraged and helped by Sean through his blog. His brother, Nigel, posted the following:
Some Very Sad NewsHi Everyone this is Sean’s brother Nigel writing this blog entry. This is to inform all of Sean’s friends and blog readers, that Sean passed away suddenly in the early hours of this morning 29th May @ 01:40.

(You may click here to go to Sean’s blog, “My Life With Myeloma”. His “vlogs” give you a chance to see him talk about his progress and interject a little humor.)