Heated Standoff

How could it be so hot? There was no way to keep sweat off of me or even out of my eyes. I was even laying in the shade, trying not to move. Movement meant more sweat; it meant more contact with the heat. So I sat there with my towel and fought a losing battle against my own pores. Frank and another guy, I forget his name, had found a creek just below our perimeter. We made our way to it and now we were recovering from the effort. If we went in that cool water now, we’d suffer some sort of shock. Have our heart fly out of our chest like a football team through a homecoming banner. Boom.

No one knew the temperature, but we guessed it was over a hundred. And with really high humidity too. It was the rainy season and every afternoon at four o’clock, it rained torrents until 4:30 when it would stop as abruptly as it started. Minutes later, the hot sun would heat all that water and take it into the air. And that made it hot.