Healthy Snacks-2014… Crunch Appeal

Okay, so you all know I’m trying to limit my sugar  and chicken intake. I’m very mindful of sugar and
when enough is enough, so I still have a way to go. I came upon a recipe some years ago when diagnosed with myeloma and reading on the benefits of adding flax seed to diet.

Flax seed is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, which helps in reducing bone lost, stabilizing blood sugar, promoting weight loss, as well as increasing your immune system.

I have to admit I’m a snacker and it’s something about getting the munchies just when it’s time to call it a night that the snack attack occurs. I like snacks that crunch… I don’t know maybe it’s a mental thing or something. Today, we’re snowed in and I need a break from my business at Spitfir, so I’ve played around for tonight’s snack when “The Walking Dead” series comes on:)

Shall we begin?? Let’s rock…..

                                                       Flax Seed Twist with a Twist

-Flax seed meal- 3/4 -1 cup
-Onion Salt- 1 tsp.
-1/4 tsp. of parsley
-Graham Crackers- 2 crackers
-1 cup of sterilized water
-1/2 cup of grated cheese

Let’s go….

Pre-heat oven at 350 Degrees. Take graham crackers and crunch up with a small kitchen mallet, where it’s nicely grinded, or use a food processor to grind. Pour in parsley and onion salt, cheese, flax seed meal, and water. Mix to you get a soft consistency but not too watery. Spread on parchment paper, about 1/8 thick throughout so that the spread is even. Bake for about 15- 20 minutes until no longer soft, but not too hard- turn carefully on opposite side for 5 more minutes. Cool and cut into mini cubes. Viola Crunch!