Heading HOME to Mackay, Idaho December 27 2011

Jani, Robbyn, and I got up at o’dark thirty and finished packing the last couple of things in my car and Jani’s truck. Jani’s truck was stuffed and I had plenty of room in the back of my car for Zoe and Kemmer.

We departed Greeley, Colorado at 6:20 AM. Robbyn stayed behind in Greeley with Kady-the-perfect – but, aged golden retriever and her sister’s dog, Harley. I’ll miss you Rob!
I led the way and Jani followed in her truck. We didn’t encounter any wet or frozen weather the entire 680 miles. However, between Laramie and Rawlins, Wyoming there were 40-50 mile an hour wind gusts that kept BOTH HANDS on the steering wheel. Thankfully, that’s was only about 100 miles.