He continues to get better.

Knock on wood.
Tony has had a really good week.  He just keeps getting stronger and stronger.  He even made three appearances at the office this past week.
His blood counts are good.  The best in months and months!
Yesterday’s appointment was only a blood count check.  We went over what would happen next week.
Oh, and by the way, he will be in a “normal” room for the stem cell transplant throughout his stay.  We are prepared to get the phone call to go in as early as Thursday, next week.  This all depends on the results of his CT scan this coming Monday.  Fingers crossed.  We’ve been close so many times and have come so far for this moment.  We are so so so close!
Today we were at Toronto General Hospital.  He got his Hickman line put in.  Went smoothly. As the numbness wore off, he did feel a bit discomfort.  They did say to him, before signing that release form, that 1 person, every 2-3 years, dies due to hickman lines……Ya, ok, I’ll sign.  OMG!  Why do these doctors continue to remind us of these stats, especially before signing and certain procedures.  Anyways, about one hour after the procedure, I was able to take a close look at this line and noticed a red stain on his t-shirt. About a 3 inch diameter circle.  Luckily, it wasn’t getting worse.
We are away for a much needed break from city life this weekend.  My dad continues to miss my mom.  We all do……We took him away with us to have a change of scenery.  Supposed to be quite the snowfall over the next few days.  Should be pretty and very cold.  It’s the calm before the storm right now.  Let’s see what the coming week shows us.
Stay warm everyone.