Happy with Pomalyst

I cannot wait to report on my latest m-band. It has gone down to 1.3g/L. This is the lowest ever in my 7 years of myeloma. I am very happy. I thank GOD. The pomalyst regiment of 2mg and weekly dexa of 12mg is working well for me. Two months ago m-band was at 2.9g/L (March’s 2.6g/L, Jan’s 2.3g/L). I am into my second year of pomalyst and dexa and except of the usual dexa side effects, poma at 2mg is well tolerated by my body. I did try it at 3mg for three months but it caused quite bad constipation, and thankfully, reducing the dose to 2mg did not affect its efficacy. With poma, my WBC is back to normal range of above 4 and ANC 2.3
I did succumbed to flu and was on augmentin 625mg for 10 days while still on poma and dex. I started to walk more frequently on the treadmill, just about half hour each time. If this is the reason for helping bring down  m-band then I am going to be consciously committing to getting on the treadmill regularly! Well, actually I was going on the treadmill to get my weight down before going on a cruise in two weeks time. I have been told that one can easily add on weight with the fabulous buffet spreads on cruise ships. Anyway with this medical update, I am really looking forward to enjoy ourselves with five couple friends.