Happy Spring!

It’s mild out today with rain on the way. Our walk was nice and the park was empty except for the geese.

I’m cooking organic turkey chili for dinner and a vegetarian broccoli cheddar soup. I might do some more decluttering in the barn. The big let go was the futon couch in the barn. I put it for free on Craigs list and wow the sharks came out. Finally, a nice lady from not far from here came with a truck and picked it up. So now we have a good empty space to start working from. I think we’re going to build some shelves on the back wall to put my sons lego bins on. That would be nice to organize. Then he would know how much he actually has when he’s ready to move out. We’d love to pour a concrete slab out there but that would be a big expense we just don’t have right now.

I have a flat screen to get rid of and some dishes I’ve had boxed up. maybe this week, we’ll see.