Happy One Year Stem Cell Transplant Anniversary-New Birthday to ME!

July 5, 2010 = City of Hope SCT Hospitalization for the month

July 5, 2011 = I’m Alive, Celebrating Remission, on Revlimid maintenance Chemo and doing ok!
This is how I “celebrated” 4th of July, 2010
at City of Hope with lots of Melphalan Chemo and IV cocktails
 Delivery of my life saving Stem Cells
July 5, 2010
New “Birthday” noted!

It’s all about location, location…
Celebrating life, health, recovery, remission
and being able to be barefoot in sandals in the snow!!
July 4th, 2011
Seriously… does recovery and remission get better than this??
Sandals and Snow at over 11,000 ft at
Mammoth Mtn, CA
July, 2011
Breathing deep, and ever grateful!
Well, yes… it did get better with a tremendous Thunderstorm and flashfloods in the Desert on the way home!

Then a stunning Rainbow arching over the freeway on our way home

Then sitting in my Horse arena with my horses and doggies under the Stars and Crescent Moon… until almost Midnight… July 5, 2011… something a year ago… I only dreamed about doing!!!
I am one lucky, grateful, blessed, fortunate gal to have been diagnosed a quickly as I was, medically treated as thoroughly and expertly as I was, and to have recovered to the extent that I have… in only one year
July 5, 2010 = Hospitalized at City of Hope just beginning to learn what a Stem Cell Transplant is all about, realizing I am really battling life threatening cancer…
July 5, 2011 = Learning to really Live each day, each moment as if…. it were my last… my mind is full of thoughts and my heart is full of appreciation and gratitude

And did I mention before, my most recent (late June) Bone Marrow Biopsy showed Myeloma beat back into submission once again! Yes!!!