Happy Easter to all our family & friends

As I type, Easter is over.
It was a great break.  Tony is eating more.  Actually enjoyed eating.  Actually, he woke up saying he was hungry.  Very good sign.  His taste buds are finally waking up!
He walked quite a bit on Saturday and felt ok the next day.  It’s a very good sign.
May 8th is his next follow up appointment with his oncologist.
May 15th they are doing a CT scan.  I’m not worried.  I’m sure any speckle is completely gone.  I guess this will be their new baseline for future CT scans.

I’ve begun to fund raise!
I’m hoping that those who have committed to the walk are going to pull up their sleeves and help raise lots of money for this horrible disease.
Those who wish to join the walk—-HURRY UP AND SIGN UP!  Message me if you need help.
This Wednesday evening the team leaders are meeting to learn more about the walk.  I guess that’s when the teams really begin to reach their goal.
So, if you haven’t already joined or donated, please do so now.  Below is our team page.  GEMM Team.
Click on “join team” or “donate” or “register”.  We are $10 away from being in 2nd place!
Thanks for following everyone!
Buona Pasqua a tutti!