Happy Chanukah! Giving a gift of life…

Happy Chanukah to all my Jewish friends and family…
and to everyone else too!

Check out this amazing video from the Maccabeats, a Jewish accapella group, who along with beautiful singing, are promoting registering as a stem cell donor. Thanks to Ginnie for sending me this fab, perfectly-timed link.

I just wanted to post a quick reminder about the bone marrow/stem cell registration event to anyone who may be in Nottingham…

Tuesday 11 December
between 9:00 and 17:00
(that’s 5pm)
Room B139
Medical School, Queen’s Medical Centre
University of Nottingham, NG7 2UH

If you know the medical school, Room B139 is near the cafe. And if you know the footbridge over the ring road, that is B floor. You just need to follow the corridor to the left, then keep turning right till you find the cafe. There will be posters to help you find it.

Please come along and spit to save a life. There are no needles involved. You don’t have to be a student and you don’t have to be Jewish. We need as many people as are willing to register, so please bring your friends when you come.

You need to be aged 16-30, in good health and not underweight. Some medical issues may prevent you from donating, but if you’re not sure, then please come along and find out. Maybe you could help in other ways…?

I look forward to seeing loads of willing, spitting volunteers on the day. And a big thank you to all the wonderful medical student volunteers at Nottingham Marrow for putting on this event and letting me help.

In the Jewish tradition, Chanukah is a festival of light and gift giving, so please…

Give the gift of life this Chanukah!