Happy Bud Day!

Last Friday we celebrated a whole year since our small furry family member acquired us.  Okay maybe it was a little half assed, there was no cake and hats (about which Bud has mixed feelings anyway) – but the thought was there.

Considering when we set off on the ‘I WANT a puppy’ campaign the one thing I didn’t want was a pre-owned fully grown dog.   ‘You don’t know what they’re really like, how they’ve been treated, their little personality quirks.’ That said in our house a few personality quirks are probably a good thing.  A truly placid completely unadventurous dog would have ended up trying to hide under a cupboard with its bum sticking out trying to find the doggy equivalent of its happy place.

And so we ended up with an 18 month old male un-neutered Staffordshire Bull Terrier who was picked up as a stray so had absolutely no history and is beyond adorable.  He is so people friendly it’s almost embarrassing and was really gentle when he met our neighbour’s two year old great grand-daughter (she was thrilled at watering him from her watering can).

Would I hesitate to get another fully grown rescue dog?  No.  Although B pre-empted my suggestion that if I had another stem cell transplant I should get another doggy with a resounding ‘NO!’

Anyhoo back to Bud’s er, Bud Day.

One thing that doesn’t last long in the Kilgallon household is dog toys.  Well, they last a long time but in the component parts, ie, leg, ear, head rather than one complete unit.  However we’ve now found KONG – and if they would like Bud to be their official sponsor he would be more than willing to ‘work for treats’.

Auntie Ann got him a KONG bone at Christmas – a photo of which cannot be provided because since it’s been chewed and de-furred it’s slightly {sigh, who am I kidding} it’s not slightly, it’s completely pornographic – and I’m pretty sure that you don’t even have to have a certain type of mind to recognise that!  We got him a KONG dumbbell for his birthday, which although slightly de-fuzzed it’s still in one piece and still has its squeak – WOW, six months and still squeaking.

So for his Bud Day we got a companion for the KONG Wobbler we bought a few weeks ago which dispenses kibble/treats in an amusing manner.  It’s still in fully functioning order and next to it is Bud’s new plaything a KONG Extreme, size XXL – the biggest and hardest of the range…

You may be able to see it has got a few little teeth dents but nothing is actual missing and apparently you can get spray treats to pop inside.  You can also use pate (BLAH), spread cheese or doggy peanut butter – which I’m sure is entertaining but it all sounds a bit messy/bacteria encouraging to me.

Last Friday when he got it he was so excited and he chewed it and chewed it and chewed it chewed it and chewed it and chewed it chewed it and chewed it and chewed it – well you get the idea and then he whined at it!  I think it was exasperation that nothing had broken off.

I woke Bud up switching the camera on but he had been lying with his head at the side of it…

 ‘Look it’s my KONG and it’s my basket.  Don’t worry we’re not mutually exclusive I can still see other toys.’

We also got a KONG Zoom Groom and he loves being zoom groomed, well once, he got over his disappointment that it wasn’t another toy.  Plus it really works at removing hairs.

And he got this…

a chicken breast, which was subjected to about 40 seconds of this…

And made Bud do this…