Happy birthday!

Today is WCK’s seventh birthday. I’ve decided to finally post a photo of her, but she’s still not recognizable, because this photo is seven years old. Plus, the nurses at the hospital stuck a tiny bow on her head, and WCK has not willingly worn a bow since this photo was taken:

This photo was taken at the scariest moment of my whole entire life. A group of nurses who were, apparently, drunk, decided that it was perfectly fine for Jay and me to take this baby home with us and take care of her all by ourselves. What? Were they completely insane? I couldn’t believe these people were going to let us take this baby. I snapped this photo in the back seat of our car just as we were pulling away from the curb at the hospital. See how she looks kind of confused? You people are going to take care of me? You?

Well, we’ve had the baby home with us for seven years now, and she seems to be doing OK. I’ve only dropped her one time.