Happy All Hallows Day

I have never celebrated this time of year. Not as a child or even with my own children. It is only recently that the children in the area have started to trick or treat. A few managed to catch me in between visits to the hospital, I suspect a great many more called while I was out.

Mike is slowly getting better, the antibiotics took a while to kick in and at one point they wondered if it was a viral or fungal pneumonia rather than bacterial. His blood pressure has returned to normal, he now has to try and get the IV fluids they pumped into to him back off during his regular dialysis. 

I really can’t complain about my lot, there are others who are far worse off. Still, I find the loneliness difficult to cope with, I have my online friends, people who send me lovely messages of support, but few who are close enough to hug. My disappointment in my own children is difficult to deal with, especially as I have always been there for them.