Happy 5th Stem Cell Transplant Birthday Anniversary to Me!

Wow! It’s my 5 year Stem Cell Transplant Anniversary Today!

July 5, 2010
July 5, 2015

5 years living with cancer

5 years of chemo treatments
5 years since my hospitalization 
5 years since my successful 

High 5 to me!

July 5, 2010
around 10:55am
(by a camera shy Apheresis lab technician).
They arrive frozen, are quickly thawed and infused
via my Hickman catheter. It was actually pretty anti-climatic. 
Jim and Alissa came right after my Stemmies arrived. 
I felt ok, a little “woozy” from all the medications I was on…
Little did I know the chemo crash that was coming my way…
In SCT terms, 
my new immune system is 
5 years old today!
and bought me extra time…
I did achieve Remission status from this process,
(along with 18 months of maintenance Revlimid chemo)
and back into full time treatments I went and remain…

And look at all the other survivors
at the 2015 Transplant Celebration

Wow! Happy 5 year Anniversary to me!
Thrilled I made this far, and looking forward to 
many many many many many
more symbolic 5 anniversaries!

I see my COH/Kaiser SCT team Dr this coming Friday, so I’ll be taking blood tests tomorrow (should have done it today for the symbolism of 7/5/2015), but I don’t feel well … (beginning of steroid crash days)… 
We’ll see what my Dr says about my current status, numbers and treatments. I’m getting a little braver about adding another chemo to my current “cocktail”… I read a study the other day on the Myeloma Crowd website, that gave me encouragement. I should have added Velcade previously, but the Neuropathy (and other) side effects really scare and concern me, as I had a tough time with Neuropathy after my SCT from the intense Melphalan chemo.
one day….
I can do this again…

Live happy, live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, with someone or something as often as you can!