Hap bi!

WCK learned about the concept of “half-birthdays” in preschool and kindergarten. To make sure that kids with summer birthdays aren’t left out of the bring-a-treat-to-school-on-your-birthday tradition, the teachers let them bring in treats on their half-birthdays over the winter. WCK kept asking me why we never celebrate her half-birthday, because we never have. Really, it’s not because I’m a mean mom. It’s because I always forget until a few weeks afterward, when somebody at the park or McDonald’s Playland or wherever asks me how old she is.
ME: She’s five and a ha…MY BRAIN: Oh, crap.
This year, though, I actually remembered about a week in advance, and I told WCK about it, so she could remind me multiple times a day, every day, for about a week. Today when she comes home from school, I plan to surprise her with a half cake and a half card. I hope she finds this funny: