What is this feeling so sudden and new?

My head is fuzzy, my body is aching, my reactions are slow and my bowels are loose… I have a hangover.

My old friend and I are reunited. Reunited in loathing.

I feel ill because of something I have done. I feel ill because I drank too many Kronenbergs. I feel ill and the cause is not My Myeloma. It is predictable and familiar. I am so proud of myself.

Obviously, I did not reach my drinking tally of old, that would be next to impossible for somebody in my delicate condition and not sensible. But, I had enough to make my room smell like rotten cabbage when I woke up this morning. I had enough to round off my evening with some egg fried rice from The Golden Bowl, in my bed. I had enough to have fun.

My pleasure at being able to stay out long enough to get a hangover, makes this hangover one to treasure. I earned it.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Middlesborough. She is the reason I have a hangover today.