Half way there.

Can you believe we are half way through January? Yet it is only just over a month since I had the kids over and that feels like ages ago.  January short, a month long. 

Time is a funny old thing.  It is actually eight months since Mike went in to have his SCT, and in some ways we are still only half way there as far as recovery goes. Still his platelets lurch between 30 and the heady heights of 40. Despite several transfusions his hb creeps down to a point where life is almost impossible as simply standing is too much (we are still hopeful that the transfusion he had last Thursday will be the one that keeps him above 10 / 100).

I try to hold on to time, frantically trying to make the daylight hours last longer. Yet it forever seems to be evening. I long for the spring equinox, but don’t want to find myself near the end of March. Gosh it is all so confusing.