Hair Sample Test Results

A few weeks ago, I had my hair sample tested again.  I was planning to include the results in the next post when I share my blood work results but, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this health update warrants its own entry. 
If you’ve been following my blog, you know that the hair sample analysis provides information about what is going on in my body.  It tells us exactly how well all my organs are working as well as how much toxicity and cancer my body is harboring.  At my initial appointment and every six months thereafter, Dr. Gonzalez runs the entire test but at the three month mark, he ran only a spot check of my “CT Mass” which represents the amount of cancer I have.
 During my initial exam, I learned that the normal range for CT Mass is less than ten while my CT Mass was 27.  Dr. Gonzalez explained that the test is extremely precise and accurate, so much so that each point of movement is significant.  In his typical patient, the CT Mass decreases about one point every two months.  So, if that number decreases one or two points at my three month test, he said he would be ecstatic. 
First, it’s worth noting that I’ve never heard a physician say whether she cares one way or another about my health, let alone use the word “ecstatic”.  I’d like to think that my past doctors have cared but who knows.  Dr. Gonzalez’ patients rave about him because they know he cares.  I thought it was just really nice that he mentioned it.
Second, I’m going to share my new CT Mass number but not without a little suspense.  I want to get you excited here…..
So, you remember that we are going to be thrilled if this number decreases a point or two, right?  Humor me for a moment and just take a guess at how much my number decreased.
Drum roll please……
It decreased seven points.  SEVEN POINTS!!!!  Dr. G hoped it would move one or two points and it decreased SEVEN!!!  He says that although he has seen a patient’s number improve this much before, it is very rare and usually only happens when the patient is very compliant and has a great attitude.  So, this means that my CT mass has decreased from 27 to 20 and now the amount of disease I have is much less serious.  I’m ecstatic. 
The truth is that logically I know it doesn’t really matter how quickly I improve as long as I’m moving in the right direction, but I have to admit that it just feels great to know that I am responding so well.   Every month on the Gerson therapy, my results were stable and my doctor would ask “are you resting??!!!”  In my two years on the therapy, I learned that most Gerson practitioners believe that if the disease isn’t regressing, then the patient must be doing something wrong.  So, I rested and I slept and I slept and I rested, and when I got sick of resting, I took a nap.  I didn’t really do much of anything for two years but drink juice, eat, do coffee enemas and sleep.  By the time I was done, I knew I had executed the protocol perfectly but I was beginning to believe that there was something wrong with my body and that maybe I just wasn’t capable of healing.  By the time I began Dr. Gonzalez’ therapy, I had faith in him and his therapy but I was beginning to lose faith in me.
Well, it turns out that the problem wasn’t me, it was the therapy.  The Gerson Therapy just doesn’t work all that well for patients with blood disease and I’m lucky I held stable for so long.  Dr. Gerson himself struggled to help leukemia patients and, just like leukemia, myeloma is a blood cancer.   
Suffice it to say, I’ve been smiling and laughing a lot over the last few weeks.  I’m starting to feel like my old self.   
A Little About the Hair Sample Analysis
The hair test dates back 100 years to Dr. Abrams, a neurologist at Stanford, who believed that our cells, tissues and organs have an electrical field that can be measured and can provide information about various components in our bodies.  The former Chairman of anatomy at Yale and a group of English scientists followed in Dr. Abrams footsteps and developed an instrument that is able to translate that electrical field into meaningful data about various biochemical and physiological functions, as well as disease states. 
As far as Dr. Gonzalez knows, there is only one person who is performing the test properly in this country.  Her name is Joan and she was married to a former patient of Dr. Kelley.  After conventional chemotherapy failed to put her husband’s acute myeloctic leukemia, one of the most aggressive cancers, in remission, Joan’s husband utilized Dr. Kelley’s (Gonzalez) protocol.  On Dr. Kelly’s protocol, he achieved complete remission, only to die seven years later of causes unrelated to his cancer.
Before Dr. Gonzalez began utilizing the hair analysis for his patients, he put the machine and Joan to rigorous testing.  He sent Joan multiple samples for testing with no patient information whatsoever.  Joan was able to identify each patient’s problem and its’ severity with nearly 100% accuracy.
Once he understood the power and accuracy of the hair sample, Dr. Gonzalez began to use the analysis as an adjunctive evaluation method and to fine tune nutritional protocols.  He continues to use it for those purposes and, although he finds it to be more accurate than blood tumor markers, he still requires that his patients complete standard conventional testing in addition to the hair test.