Hair goes – 3

Firstly, Happy Birthday to my youngest daughter. I love her dearly, even if her unexpected appearance was the cause of me having ten years of hair (I could actually sit on it) being chopped off. Unexpected pregnancy =  self punishment = I need therapy. 

Deb aged 8 in her Atzec headdress

I have been thinking over the last couple of days about my reasons for going bald. It certainly isn’t self punishment, that is always a spur of the moment thing. It definitely feels to me like an act of solidarity, with Mike, but also with all those who have gone before and those who have yet to go there. I want to raise funds for Myeloma UK who do wonderful work with patients and their families, vital clinical trials and advocacy for patients with the authorities that approve or reject drugs here in the UK.

This head shave is for Paula, Michelle, Sandra, Sharon, Deb, Scotty, Susan, Deborah, Bridget, Pamela, Nita, Amanda, Lorraine, Mandy, Beth,…….. the list goes on, and if I have missed you, please forgive me. 

I know that there are people who don’t want me to do it, and I understand that they cannot support me in this crazy venture. That’s fine, I’ll get you with my next fund raiser 😉.

Here’s the link to my JustGiving page.