Had a Pretty Good Weekend, Cytoxan Not Too Bad So Far!!

Last Thursday Greg took the roommates to the airport from work, they are staying with their families in Atlanta through Mother’s Day so we have the house to ourselves. I actually miss having them around! And romantically, well, I was not up for being as married and loving as a wife should be, although there was some conversation around it. I will try harder when he gets back from Salt Lake City, where he will be today (Monday) through Thursday. I might even go buy a little something-something to wear for him, which I have NEVER done.

Thursday afternoon we had to go get the new Cytoxan prescription at a large but neighborhood-type pharmacy called Dougherty’s down by the medical district. I also had just received the news via email and chat from Dr. Anderson and was a little bit clingy feeling, so I was glad Greg could come home and be with me instead of returning to work after dropping the girls. We got to the pharmacy and wanted to grab dinner somewhere but I explained to him that I was signed up for the “New Member Orientation” at the Gilda Club, not far from where we were, and I wanted to try to make it. He agreed, though he was sort of reluctant, I could tell.

They took us through the facility, read their brochure to us, talked about the programs. All of which I already pretty much had gleaned from the web site, but hey, you have to play by their rules. And its all free. I am now supposed to go for a one-on-one with a counselor this afternoon to further discuss the programs and what interests me, etc. I have marked a few events that I have interest in, from a book club to a dinner featuring a performance by a jazz musician. It takes anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour to get to the clubhouse, so we’ll see how “involved” I actually get with this. I think with Greg’s travel schedule it will make a really nice option for me so I don’t even up climbing the walls here, cooped up and lonely.

Afterwards, we stopped at a Pappadeaux and had a very nice dinner. I didn’t worry about prices or calories at all. We talked about a lot of things, and I actually enjoyed the fish I ordered. The seafood gumbo came with a couple of raw oysters floating on the top, which I pried off and gave to Greg, uncooked seafood is a real No-No for us myeloma patients from what I understand. Friday I went to the Clinic and it was fairly slow but dripping my anti-nausea and saline in took several hours. I did get the Velcade infusion and came home and took 12 of the Cytoxan along with my other meds while doing a dialysis treatment.

Afterwards I read and napped, and was in the bed when Greg got home from work. We hung out, did a Wal-Mart run and had a late but light dinner at I-Hop. It was all tasteless and not very enjoyable, I think the Cytoxan may be affecting my appetite (yeah!) and taste buds. Saturday we had coffee and just piddled around the house. We kept talking about going to CostCo, but when it came to it, I wasn’t up for it and Greg ran errands on his own. I ended up starting to make the fruit salsa with cinnamon tortilla chips dessert dish I had signed up to take to the “Tables of 8” church dinner party that evening. Greg was still not back and I went ahead and started the process since I was apprehensive about how to accomplish it and thought we would run out of time.

I also needed to get in a dialysis treatment and get ready for the dinner party. So I started it, and ended up getting a pretty good system going, cutting the tortillas into 6’s, dropping a load in the fryer (going right to left) then scooping them out onto paper towels, then into large bowl of cinnamon sugar… had 1/2 of it done when Greg finally got home. I thought I could start the cutting up of fruit that you dip the chips in but dropped the jar of marmalade (see frying and greasy hands from above) and that shattered and splattered all over the kitchen.

I panicked, because in my current health condition with my blood counts where they are,
the last thing my doctor said to me Friday was, “go to the ER if you get even the slightest nose bleed” (because my platelets were too low). So I’m standing there barefoot in a slippery situation with glass shards everywhere, including down the front of me. I reached over and grabbed my cell phone and called Greg and it turned out he was just pulling into the neighborhood so I just stood still pretty much, waited for him to come touch and deal with the glass and remove me from the danger!! That was fun. He was sort of pissy about it, but mainly because he worries about these things happening when I am home alone or something.

We got our act together and the fruit salsa with cinnamon chips was a hit at the party! The whole party was a lot of fun, we already knew all but one couple fairly well, and the pastor and his wife was one of the other couples. Debbie and her husband Martin were also there. Kathy started us off with drinks and a game of “Guess Who’s On Your Back” where she put post-it notes of famous places or things on your back and you asked people questions (only 2 per person) until you could guess who or what you were. Greg went to town on it, he ended up getting second place (you keep getting a new note each time you guess one correctly). Later he admitted to me that he is used to those kind of icebreaker games from various Scout functions over the years. We had a great time and I was very proud to be by his side PLUS I enjoyed two small margaritas. It is just so nice to get out and act and feel normal and interact with adults. Especially to feel up to it. My jeans were tight as all get out and I couldn’t wait to get home and get into sweats, of course. But what a fun evening!

Sunday we were late for church because we had been out in the back yard messing around with seeds and planning the square foot garden and such and Ace got out of the backyard. It sort of hacked me off because before I went in to clean up and dress for church I double checked with Greg that he had an eye on the cat. Then we could find him nowhere as we were out the door, had to search and call for him. Greg even propped a ladder up to the back fence to see if he had gone that way. He eventually came tearing across Norm’s yard and into the garage. We were a good ten minutes late, but the whole service was weird because a bunch of the congregation from a nearby Vietnamese Methodist church were there to drum up money for a mission trip to Vietnam.

Greg went out on the boat by himself and I stayed home and read and napped and did my treatments. I browned some hamburger and threw it in the crock pot with cans of tomato sauces and stuff to build a spaghetti sauce that Greg then took over with when he got in. I did not each much at all Sunday, just the eggs and cheese with toast in the morning with our coffee then some saltines while watching “Celebrity Apprentice” with Greg. Maybe I will be able to take a few pounds off! Not hungry, and nothing tastes good.  The main reason I had him take over on the spaghetti was I worried I just couldn’t taste it, there should have been plenty of flavor but it was bland to me. He did add stuff though, so it was entirely me.

I’ve had responses from plenty of friends via facebook and email to my last update. At the same time, though, it seems just as many people have not even acknowledged receiving or getting what it all means. I had tried to call my sister Karla, left a message, and when she called back, I was at the clinic on Friday with really bad reception. When I tried her again later, Vanessa answered and I just left a message. Nothing since. I think she just doesn’t know how to deal with me or my cancer, and it has gotten to the point where its just easier for me to let it go. Sad though. I really miss the kids.

I called my former brother-in-law Albert Saturday night when we got in while I did my last treatment and had a great chat with him. He had been released from prison on Friday and apparently spent the day with my sister (who swears she will NOT be getting back with him). He and I covered a lot of topics and had some laughs, I am very happy that part of his ordeal is behind him. I went ahead and admitted that we had sent a “housewarming/ care package” that he should be receiving early this week. He did say he no longer prays and is sort of “off” Christianity altogether, preferring to practice/believe eastern thinking these days. I am going to leave it in his court to call or contact next, I don’t want to pester/ make presumptions/ force a friendship there. I certainly wish him the best and hope he has learned from everything and can pick up and put something productive together going forward.

We have a lot of graduations and birthdays and things like that to get cards and gifts in the mail. Its going to be a very expensive month! On top of that,  my brother has called and is still trying to get some money to buy some nice things for his apartment. I totally have no problem with him having an X-Box, furniture, etc, as he has listed for my cousin Tim (whom I had sent over there to look into the situation after a call from Joey), but the sisters are insisting he doesn’t deserve these things, that the money is for emergencies with him, and he needs to sign the medical power of attorney so we know what’s going on with him all the time. Apparently he took the $500 he got from insurance money from the fire and bought a very nice treadmill, Tim said he looked great. He still wants a TV stand, dresser, microwave, lounge chair, and small dinette set.