Guess where I am

Go on guess.  Ohhhhhh, you’re taking too long,  I’ll just tell ya – Nestled on the settee at home!

Freshly showered and jim jammed with Bud on his mat playing with a toy and B upstairs hoovering.  I would have blogged a few minutes earlier but it’s a bit hard when you invite the small furry family member to join you on the comfy seat and he takes this to mean ‘come lay across my lap’.

To say being discharge was a little bit of a surprise is a tiny bit of an understatement but obviously a fantastic one – particularly bearing in mind last night’s lack of sleep.

Ohhh, nutha little Buddy attention break there.

So yes, there was a question about which days I went to the day unit but with going to dialysis three times a week I don’t – they do the bloods there and then they get looked at in Haematology.  I thought it maybe had to do with getting things in place next week.

Then I was pottering around with mouthwash when the ward pharmacist turned up – it’s relevant that I was on my feet as I managed to see ‘Discharge Medication’ on her paperwork.  ’Erm?’ with nod of my head towards paperwork.  ’Has no-one said anything about going home today or tomorrow?’  ’That would be no.’

Big small furry family member fussin’ as B and Hetty the Hoover moved downstairs and Bud wanted a safe position from which to supervise – ‘Don’t get that Hetty too close to my toys.’

The pharmacist pointed out that there were some consultants on the ward so something may be said shortly and we agreed I wouldn’t hold anything against her if it didn’t pan out.    Shortly after a regular but different pharmacist turned up to actual go through the tablets in my meds locker and I asked about more painkillers and mouthwash – just in case.

And now another interruption for tea – ours and Bud’s – we all had curry and rice.

Then the nurse responsible for our room came over and said had I heard anything about going home as she’d seen my Discharge Letter printed off.  When I explained I hadn’t officially been told anything she said she’d check with the registrar when the docs had finished their meeting.

All of this transpired between B ringing me to say he was on his way in with all my current requests and ringing me from the shop across the road from the Royal to ask if I wanted big of small Pot Noodles.  A thing I can’t remember having eaten at home but rediscovered via a fellow patient this week – better than hospital food and not a big serving.  Needless to say he didn’t say ‘Yipee’ when he found out he might have a passenger on the way home.

Initially he wanted to go home and get my big coat just in case – but since we didn’t know 100% I thought that was a bit of a waste – particularly as he said at that time of night (about five o’clock) he would probably be two hours!  We comprised on my new cut down ‘Bagpuss’ style cardigown…

seriously I had street clothes but no coat, so persuaded B that I would wait in the lobby doing a ‘Bagpuss’ impression there and all the way home.  Home where – hoovering hadn’t been done, the bathroom hadn’t been cleaned and the sheets hadn’t been changed last week.  B did initially say that it may be better if I came out Saturday – this is probably why!  I’m generally well I’ll go home whenever and don’t get too excited just in case but I have to admit I nearly wet myself at the very prospect of getting home to my bed and okay, maybe the small furry family member as well.

Despite a teeny, tiny touch and go moment the ward nurse said it was the fastest discharge she’d done and she managed this even though she was having one of the craziest shifts ever.

By quarter to seven I was able to say to Bud ‘Go fetch your bone’ as I walked into the garage and he promptly popped into the house and went upstairs for it – much to B’s amusement as he hadn’t touched in all week.

I’m about to completely snuggle down on the settee as the sheets are currently in the dryer!  B’s just got the bathroom to go but since I’ve already used it there’s  no rush!