Grownup games

Jay and I have a stack of old board games that I keep on the top shelf in WCK’s closet because I don’t know where else to put them. WCK has been fascinated with these games, but she doesn’t want to play them or even look at them close up, because she can see that they’re only for “grownups.” Most of them have labels on the side that clearly say “Ages 9 and up” or “Ages 7 and up.” Grownups.
A few of them, however, are labeled “Ages 6 and up”, and in the days leading up to her sixth birthday, WCK could not stop talking about how she was finally going to be old enough to play some of the “grownup games.” She proclaimed that this would happen on her sixth birthday, and not one day before.
WCK turned six on Tuesday. Sure enough, the second she opened her eyes in the morning, she asked me to get the grownup games down from the shelf. I got down “Aggravation” and another game called “Ghost” that Jay had as a kid. A good time was had by all.
Only two more years until she’ll allow herself to play Monopoly. I can’t wait!