Grow your own candy canes

Full disclosure: I didn’t come up with this idea myself. I got it from Pinterest. Whoever did come up with it is an evil genius. Thank you, evil genius.
This morning WCK woke up to find:
1. A glass filled with white flour
2. Ralph the Elf resting in an open bag of peppermints
3. Several peppermints scattered around the glass
4. A note reading, “Dear WCK, Plant the peppermints in the flour and see if they grow. Love, Ralph.”
I had to edit the photo a little to hide WCK’s true identity:
WCK got right to work, very seriously planting four of the peppermints very carefully in the flour. I told her she could plant more, but she wanted them to have enough space to grow. She asked if she should water them; I said no.
This afternoon, WCK and I went to the Nutcracker ballet downtown. Jay stayed home. When we returned from the ballet, we were shocked to find ….

Candy canes had sprouted in the flour!

That’s amazing. WCK now fully believes that candy canes grow from peppermint candy seeds. While I do enjoy the magic and whimsy, I’m also imaging the angry phone call from college when she flunks Botany 101.