Green Giant

I am not one for censorship, but I am going to censor everybody I know right now.

Since I was old enough to eat, I have loved one vegetable above all others. It is yellow, it comes on the cob, in a tin and in my freezer. It is heaven. So, imagine my intense fear, which has been forming over the last eleven months when I was told that a certain someone, can no longer eat the kernels of heaven, after his transplant because of the association of smell. If I have to live with myeloma, I cannot live without Mamma Jones’s roast chicken, rice, gravy with some yellow treats on the side. No way. It cannot happen.

I know I am strong, but on this particular subject, I am going to have to be the strongest I have ever been. I must be brave. I must block out the white noise. I am not going to smell it.

And so, I beg of you, whether you see me in person or if you put it in writing, do not, absolutely do not say that I, my surroundings or anything in fact, smells like sweetcorn. I beg of you. Our lives depend on it.