Mark and I met with Dr. Zangari on Wednesday to go over labs and to see were we go from here.

Dr.”Z” said that lab work shows that Mark is at 0. This means that the myeloma is in REMISSION. Mark still has to do some tests, like the bone marrow biopsy, MRI and more labs in about four weeks to confirm all this for sure. Dr”Z” told Mark he can get out and do pretty much what he wants to. Just don’t over do it he is still very weak and tired, he will have up days and down days.

Mark will be doing a maintenance program were he goes in to the Huntsman for labs and some IV med’s for a year.

Dr “Z” strongly wants Mark to see Dr Schmitt again to see what can be done with his broken T5 vertebrae. This appointment will be about four to six weeks out.

I think this news has given Mark some good positive energy.

Her is just one of the test that shows the drop.
He got through this with everyone’s thoughts, prayers and encouragement. Let’s all hope he don’t have to go through this hell for another 15 or more years.