Grateful and Amazed!


How are we at 9.29.19 !
How is it the end of September already!

How can it be that I am only 3 months away from my 10 year life changing Myeloma diagnosis!
I wasn’t supposed to be here still!!
How am I still here and as “Ok” as I am?!
How is it my body is strong enough to battle Myeloma for over 10 years now?
How is it my body can withstand all the powerful chemo chemicals I have pummeled it with?
How is it I am able to handle all this physiologically and psychologically?
How is it I am still here?

Daily, I am amazed, surprised, shocked, I am still HERE…
I am so grateful I am!
I think about so many things that have contributed to my survival. But who knows what has really saved my life…

Chemo for sure!
Genetics on some level?
Previous “good health”?
Healthy lifestyle?
Low stress? Noooo!!! LOL… I have way too much stress!

One thing I know for sure, is that I am very very very careful with not getting sick, and I de-cootie everything around and near me, humans especially! Animals I don’t worry as much about!

How have I survived this long WITH MY BODY TRYING TO KILL ME DAILY!
Cancer, especially Myeloma, is a very powerful mutating enemy. How can I still be as alive as I am, with these killer cells permeating my entire self? Seriously, my entire physiological being!
Would be so fascinating to “really know” what is going on inside me on a bio-chem, cellular level. You know those high tech medical cameras used for surgeries? Or other medical evaluation tools that can look inside us, or those computer reenactments, like on the TV show “Monsters Inside Me”… Wouldn’t it be incredible to be able to see our cells actually mutating and morphing, and actually see how Myeloma grows or invades our healthy cells? Well maybe not everyone would like to see this, but I sure would :))

I know how I’m still alive…
Must be my amazing eating habits I developed AFTER my Myeloma diagnosis… aahhahahaa… I’m on the “See-Food” Diet ;))  I See It, and if it appeals to me I eat it :)) Anything goes on Dex Steroid Day LOL. Crash days… ugh… minimal everything, just trying to hydrate and eat something that won’t make me more nauseated. When people ask me my “secret to my success” , or how I’m not “steroid-bloated-fat”, I reply… “eat anything you want, anything in moderation”. Balance, nothing extreme. Some days Broccoli, some days Ice Cream. But in all seriousness, I do eat healthy, but I don’t do supplements, or trendy diets or current fad ingredients. I don’t do daily meat/fish, yet I do focus on Protein, as I was mostly Vegetarian BEFORE my Myeloma diagnosis. Now I do a lot of “Premier Protein Shakes” with my pills daily. Often eggs, cottage cheese, cheese, yogurt, etc. Lots of watered down pure Cranberry juice, And I do like breads, but I control myself on those, as on steroid days I could eat a whole loaf of warm Cinnamon or Lemon Bread without blinking, but I don’t allow myself… I don’t do a lot of fresh fruits or veggies, as I am very very cautious about bacterial contamination in Fresh things. I mainly do frozen cooked things. With an extra radiation zap! So who knows what is keeping me alive, but I’ll take it…

Chemo Steroid Day a few weeks ago

Did This After my weekly blood tests
Gotta sustain strong blood, right :)) 

And while updating this post, my Labs from earlier today came in, and they just blow me away how “good” they are. Well not GOOD for the HEALTHY person, but “Good” for me! All my organ stats good. WBC always low in the 2’s unfortunately, RBC low, but most all the others Near normal! Creatinine (good) low. And shockingly my Beta2Microglobulin came in… still in the NORMAL range! Wow! I’m so shocked. Guess me and 40mg Dex steroids, Velcade and Cyclophosphamide are a great Myeloma Killing Team! Insane how I do ok on powerful chemicals. I’ve been on this triplet for a Whole Year Now!!! Wow!! And on chemo, immunotherapies for almost 10 years now. Whew!

I have a phone appointment with my Dr on Thursday, and I should have my Important Myeloma Labs back by then. Perhaps I will add them to this post, or wait until my next On The 9’s post. Check back, I may surprise you :))

Tell me your story…
I know there are so many amazing survivors out there, with incredible stories too! I’d love to hear how you are, and what treatment (or not) you’re on :))

Thanks for checking in and caring as you do!