Graft v Host

I thought I would show you a few pics of my hand with the GvHD. I couldn’t show you both hands as my other hand was busy …. taking the picture of course.

I’ve moved rooms now to room 1. This room has a window, but further away from the toilet, has no mirror, but I have a constant dripping tap to listen too!

A had a nice surprise before. Jill the nurse I regurlarly see on the day ward twice a week came down to see me and gave me an invite to a christmas party for those that attend the day ward. Its only for patients and if we all turn up it will be a bit crowded in the smalll room. There will be mince pies and a christmas bingo. I might still be on the ward here by the time it arrives so I will pop off the ward and go up a few floors.

Thanks for all of the comments and messages over the last two weeks (doesn’t time fly) again its good to know that I have the support and encouragement of others and that my blog is also helping those who are just going through the process.

Linda I read your blog this morning I hope EZ has caught the shingles at the early stages and start the treatment staight away I wouldn’t wish the pain on anyone. I love the workshop by the way and the steps looked great.

My Life with Myeloma Sean Tiernan