Graduation Day

I almost entitled this post:  FO, The Boy.
But really, he has only finished one stage and now must move on to another.
Scary stuff this growing-up malarkey.
To mark the occasion, The Girl baked him a batch of her finest chocolate brownies and I gave him a box of assorted teas to go alongside.
I wish I had taken a photo of the brownies, with pirate figures on top :)

Us girls wore our Vintage Fremont shawls – spot the difference?

And of course I wore the dress that FL bought me for the occasion.

We only had two tickets for the ceremony itself, so FL went to the local museum while The Girl and I gave ourselves RSI applauding the new graduates.
It was incredibly hot in the hall.  When the last person received their certificate, the cheering and stamping was as much from relief as celebration.  FL definitely made the right choice – I think it would have been too much for him.
So there you go – another milestone passed.
Congratulations, son!