Grabbing a Cat by the Tail

Jarvis thinks it’s hard to tell whether he’s getting better or not, and tries to find the right metaphor for just how hard it is. He expects the chemo to be debilitating. But this debilitating? He sleeps all the time, and was too weak to come down to the garage with me this morning while I tried to jump start my car. (It figures that that particular problem would crop up just now.)

Jarvis may be grabbing at cat’s tails. But it seems clear to me that the treatment now is worse than the disease.

“Velcade is best,” Dr. Sun had said, when he switched Jarvis to the older Revlimed and Dex mix. “Velcade pushed the cancer markers in the right direction, just not enough.” Jarvis’s Florida doctor essentially said the same thing. “The goal is to send Jarvis into remission,” he had said, “then hold him there with maintenance therapy.”

Revlimed is frequently used for maintenance therapy in multiple myeloma. But Jarvis has gone downhill since starting it.

Today is Saturday, and we see Dr. Sun at 8:30 Monday morning to ask about Velcade. It’s amazing how such a visit becomes the holy grail for which you long.

(I called Triple-A and they jump-started my car. Jarvis has me on the “AAA Plus” plan, so even if I had had to have my car towed, AAA would have paid for it. :)

Jarvis has lost weight since starting this latest drug cocktail. “You have it to lose,” said his sister Jean.

Jean and her husband Bill, who married us, live in Wellfleet. We watched the World Cup semi-finals with them and their gang. Our loyalties are all with Holland now. Tomorrow, GO NETHERLANDS!