Gout? Now? Really? R U Kidding me!

Friday, November 9th, he is starting to feel that gout feeling in his toe.  By morning his entire foot was throbbing.  He’s able to put minimal weight on his foot, walking with assistance.  As the weekend progresses, so does the gout.  By Sunday evening, it take 30 minutes to walk from the couch, up the stairs and to bed.  OMG.  Humber River oncologist says, go see your family doctor.  Well, he is unable to walk inside, how do I get him to the family doctor?  So I phoned our pharmacist.  He has a history of his meds.  He recommends one advil to combat the inflamation caused by gout.  YEAH!!!!!  It worked.  As our Monday progresses, Tony becomes more mobile.  Whew…..