Gorgeous Day for Gardening

Hello all… Bro #1 here helping sis La Cootina with the blog. On Sunday, we were “attacked” by a small band of big-hearted gardeners. Though weather had been bad and forced a couple postponements, it was simply a picture-perfect afternoon. Like a colony of ants, everyone seemed to migrate to different areas (front yard, backyard, flower beds, perennial gardens) and they worked – and I mean WORKED! It was a wonderful group whose efforts are appreciated beyond words. And thanks to their efforts, the grounds of Villa Decay look simply marvelous…

Pictured (l to r) Kerry, Mary Ann, Doug, Bill, Pat, Gary, Jill, Randy, (front) Judy and Megan. Not pictured: Kelly.

La Cootina’s words now:
“Good sports – every one of these ladies is very attractive, believe me! But after sweating in the garden for a couple of hours, it’s not really cricket to point a camera at them, sans make up, sans hair triage. You can, however, still see how beautiful everyone’s heart is.”