Goodbye to Utrecht

On Friday we had our last visit to Utrecht.The dendrites hadn’t done what we hoped for. The bi-opts didn’t show any sign of dendrite-activity. Disappointing, but not a a total surprise. On Wednesday the 10th we will be back in Amsterdam with my well known hematologist. My rock, who supported me all this time. Even from Japan her thoughts go out to me. She’s a very special person, who is not only a mayor league doctor, but also a warm and caring person.

My biggest care is my thick right leg. A sort of elephantman rightlegwise that is. The chances of thromboses are very high under these conditions. To interfere directly I started dexamethasone 40 mg, the highest dose for 4 days to start with. People who have experienced this know what I’m talking about. Red skin, heavy sleep-medication, taking care of my verbal communication and 25 typo’s have been wiped out again. Next week there will be a an intake for radiotherapy. We have to see which parts a still available for radiation. Reducing the tumor in my pubic area will probably take care of reducing the fluid that’s compiling in my right leg.
The daratumumab-trial was not an option for me though. The absence of m-proteins in my blood doesn’t make me a suitable candidate for this trial.

Well, heading for Amsterdam next Wednesday. I’m content with the treatment over there.