Good News Myeloma Labs!

Hello August!

Had my monthly Dr appointment today via phone. I’ve done this several times now, and it sure beats fighting crazy traffic on the ridiculous LA freeways! I’m happy to report this means good news for my Myeloma status, which I am incredulous about, especially with all the stress, lack of sleep, extreme emotions, etc, related to my husband’s medical decline…

My Dr released my labs online, and I will post all my important Myeloma labs tomorrow... but I’m moving slooooow like my Tortoise :))

Our Mr Tortoise enjoying Romaine lettuce-
All the doggies try to steal his meals.
It’s crazy how they love this lettuce now,
Probably because they think he’s getting
a treat, they’re not!! 
THANK YOU 40mg Dex Steroids
Velcade shots
800mg Cytoxan, Cyclophosphamide

Hello Velcade shot
every Monday to infinity!

WHAT?? Normal range ^ 
Must be a mistake ;))
IGA still High,
others still Low,
but wow, this is the Best in a LONG time!

Low, and that’s ok!

My Dr said…
NO M Protein showing!
Wow, unbelievable! :))


Beta Glob a bit High,
but that’s ok

Always Immune Compromised
But that’s the price I pay for all this
crazy treatment, that, thank goodness
is working!!

Kidneys are still ok!
Amazing, with all these powerful meds,
and amount of myeloma circulating around for almost
10 years!!!

Not too bad…

Not too bad…

So Friends… that’s my status, and I am so very grateful. Yes I “pay the price” with all my side effects, but I’m only “sick” from mid to late Tuesday, thru Wednesday, into Thursday, then finally start to be ok Friday, and better on Saturday and Sunday, then all begins again on Monday. But I get the “cleanse” everyone “pays for” LOL LOL.

My shirt says:
“If Not Now…
When” :))
Thank you for checking in, and caring about my story as you do. Hoping you are doing well, and your summer is humming along with minimal drama, good health, and happiness!