Good News From Dr. A. Kicks Off a Good Weekend!

So as Greg and I were heading to the airport I got notice on my iPhone that I had a message on Southwestern’s ‘MyChart’ which was funny because the last thing I had done is check for the light chain numbers before closing down my laptop. I do obsess about those numbers! I checked and had the following message from Dr. Anderson, which is very good news, even if he Is confused about my schedule and what weekend is what.

Try to have fun at the wedding. Your light chains are much better!

K/L FLC RATIO: 365 (H)

Larry Anderson

I will update my tracking chart and insert here when I can. This means the Cytoxan is working, which is especially good news after the agony of the night before. I had Charley horses and cramping in my right leg that lasted over 45 minutes. Greg was scrambling, getting heat, water so I could take Oxycodene, and massaging as I screamed, moaned, cried in agony. We finally got things settled down and me sufficiently drugged up when the left leg started. I think I took a total of 3 oxycodene in a 2-hour span!

Thursday I was at the Clinic all day getting the blood. I had arrived just after 8 and didn’t get out until 4, but it was worth it. Friday I did things around the house and finalized my packing.

Our flight to Atlanta Friday night got delayed due to the thunderstorms, it was 3 hours or more late when it finally took off. We got to the hotel, Courtyard on Delk around 1 a.m. and went straight to bed after I did a treatment. In the morning I went to Cracker Barrel with Audrey and Stephanie, we met Karen and Paula there. We ate and hung out then shopped and sat at front til 11:30, it was a lot of fun. I’m mostly amazed at the good energy I have, it is so incredible what 2 pints of blood can do for a girl!