Good News! Darza Dominates!


Looks like Darzalex (with Dex, Velcade) is doing it’s job and pummeling myeloma!
(Mayo Clinic Recommendations for Myeloma Therapy at Relapse)
Just saw my IgA and M Protein levels! 

M Protein was 3.60
Now: 1.35
Normal range = Zero
IgA was 3750
Now: 1770
Normal range = 70-400
So here’s the quick story: 
Tuesday March 21 was Darzalex infusion #4.
I let my Dr and Chemo Pharmacist know I just couldn’t do the Velcade shots anymore, if Velcade was the culprit causing me the horrific “nerve pain” I was attacked by this month. It’s a full body super ouchy painful feverish feeling, like knives stabbing me, nails scraping my skin, pain like a very high fever, but without a fever. Went on for days and days and days. So we agreed to nix Velcade and try Pomalyst again, but at the 3mg dose, hoping it won’t bring my CBC’s to Neutropenic levels again. 
BUT- that ^ conversation ^ was PRIOR to seeing my recently resulted M-Protein and IgA levels! They just came in today. So now that we can see the AMAZING RESULTS… I (think) I would be willing to suffer through Velcade, if Pomalyst doesn’t show the same great downward results. But we won’t know that for another month, as I’ll begin Pom tomorrow. But at least we do know Dex, Darza and Velcade does work for me.
I am just so relieved that these meds and my body are currently stronger than the myeloma cells attacking! Yippeee … my spirits are renewed and I am back to feeling my positive optimistic, hopeful self again… at least for now…
HAPPY dance song!!!

Click here for an informative Darzalex video with Dr Durie!

Live happy,
live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, with someone or something
as often as you can