Good news / Bad news


Since my last update, I have continued to enjoy improvements in how I feel. The daily radiation treatments are easier, the pain is much less, and I rarely sleep at the table anymore. I have reduced my medication enough to enjoy again the independence of driving after 6 weeks of passenger only status. I’ve been working two hour days at my job and hope to stretch that out soon to 3 or 4 hours. I have regained some appetite and I believe I have bottomed out on the weight loss at 30 lbs. I’m not sure where the pounds went, but when I tried on my previously snug fitting suit for Meagan’s wedding, I hooked the belt line button, pulled the zipper up and when I let go, the pants went straight to the floor.

Wednesday we got the results of my bone marrow biopsy. It was a kind of, “Good News / Bad News” report. It has been my misunderstanding that I might have Plasma Cytoma, “OR” Multiple Myeloma. I now understand that both are the same Cancer. Both are points on a spectrum of one Myeloma Cancer. My doctor explained that I currently have a Plasma Cytoma, but my bone marrow revealed that I have enough abnormal cells that I will likely develop Multiple Myeloma in the relatively near future. At that time, I will have Chemo therapy and hopefully stop the growth of the cancer. They don’t do a preemptive strike on the Cancer; you have to wait until it develops.

A hand full of people took at least one turn driving me the 44 mile round trip to the hospital for my daily treatments. My cousin, Abraham Benitez, faithfully drove me almost half the time. He also phoned almost nightly to check on me, and has continued to do so for months. Thank you, Abraham.