Good cop, bad cop.

We all know the scenario, bad cop threatens, good cop offers coffee and cigarettes. Like the constant yin yang of the world there is always the pessimist to counteract the optimist. 

When my children’s father left me with them in 2000, I was always the bad cop, not only in their eyes (anyone who has had to explain to a 14 year old that they can’t go out with their mates late on a week night will understand) but also to past friends who had been left in no doubt that the marriage failure was my fault, he’d never leave his darling children if he didn’t have to get away from me. I lost count of the number of people who would stop me in the street, having heard of my plight, only to say how they couldn’t believe it as he was such a lovely man. 

Nothing has really changed, I’m still the pessimist, the bad cop, 

Mike woke yesterday feeling really rough, we had been told of the symptoms that might accompany his kidneys completely failing and some of them certainly fitted the bill. So Mike called up the Renal Unit and they got him to pop in for a blood test. His kidney function is now at 7% a drop of 6% in only 4 weeks. His HB was at 91 (they’ve decided to drop the decimal point) and although hospital policy is no transfusion above 80, Mike is so ill below 100 that he has often been given a top up.

Now you would think given that Mike’s kidneys are stuffed that they would be urgently thinking about sorting out the dialysis. Nothing of the sort. The stupid (and I mean REALLY stupid) doctor who was in charge of Mike yesterday seemed more bothered that his calcium was low and that he needed to stay in for calcium injections. The fact he still hasn’t had them says a lot. Mike’s platelets are below 100, but the doc had prescribed Clexane injections (blood thinner), I’m not sure that would have been such a good idea given Mike’s impending surgery, But the final straw was the potassium tablets that he had been prescribed, Mike was told by his Renal Consultant in no uncertain terms to aim for a low potassium diet. Mike reckons he never even read his notes.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you all just how upset I am. 

Of course last night on Facebook Mike just told everyone he is in for a blood top-up, the good cop strikes again.