Good beginnings

Today we were in Utrecht for a first meeting about the study. It was a positive conversation that filled us with hope. The fact that only 30% of the candidates have a minor mismatch, already means I belong to the lucky ones.No for the treatment itself. In two weeks I will have a number of tests. Bonemarrow, EKG, blood and urine will be tested. The bonemarrow is not my hobby, but let’s say it’s all for a good cause.

On January 28th the t-cells of my brother will be harvested and administered on the same day. In the meantime the special cell will be prepared. The lab will start to prepare them tomorrow. After nine days we will hear if this has worked. These special cells will be made from my own original frozen stem-cells, harvested in February 2007. We presume this will all work out fine. Then on January 28th these special cells will be given as well as the donor lymphocytes. After 14 days this will be repeated an also after 4 weeks. All of this will take until the end of February. The a PET-CT scan will be made again to compare the results.

Now we wait…..