Going to Watch A Movie

Today mom is mostly a two year old. However she’s still my mom. One of the hardest parts of this Multiple Myeloma journey is maintaining a mother daughter relationship (and even a father daughter relationship) when the daughter becomes a caretaker. Mom wanted a shower today. Well, first she kept telling me she was going to watch a movie as she was waking away from the room with the DVD player. Once we established that she was in fact going to take a shower, she didn’t want my help doing anything. I just stood within rescue reach as she unsteadily climbed into the shower. She made a couple exclamations when the water was colder than she had anticipated, or she couldn’t quite transfer the water from the bath spout to the shower head. I asked if she wanted help, but she boldly declared that, no, she didn’t want any help. I got her clothes out and ready. The water stopped. She had her own towel and didn’t want help getting it. As she stood there, cold, wet, contemplating stepping over the tub ledge with her unsteady limbs she finally let me help. We got her dressed and into bed and everyone was more comfortable. She is contentedly listening to an audio book in bed now. She has her moon boot down slippers on to keep her feet warm. The neuropathy is still causing weird sensations in her legs and feet. Her meds are leaving her pretty dazed and confused.

Ps. Mom’s phone got doused in grape juice somewhere between when she left for the mountains at 1 on Friday, and Sunday. Should you wish to get ahold of her today you can call her on my phone.